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90's Yamaha Maple Custom 10/12/13/14/16/22 Deep Aqua Shell Pack - Used

90's Yamaha Maple Custom 6-Piece Shell Pack (MIJ)

Deep Aqua lacquer finish w/ gold lugs

Size (Model No.)
9x10 Tom (MTT1110S)
10x12 Tom (MTT1112)
11x13 Tom (MTT1113)
12x14 Tom (MTT1114)
14x16 Tom (MTT1116)
16x22 Bass Drum (MBD1122)

-YESS mounts on all toms

*Includes stand/clamp for one tom, TH904A w/ CLs for mounting toms on bass drum, and stand for hanging floor toms.*

Kit is in excellent condition for its age (~25yrs); some small scuffs and subtle dings on each drum from movement/re-positioning.