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DW DWSM2157UM Mini Mag Throw Off Chrome Universal

Drum Workshop Universal Mini MAG Throw-Off (Chrome)
The DWSM2157UM Universal Mini Mag Throw-Off is an ultra-versatile Mini Mag, which can be retrofit to virtually any snare from 4.5” – 8” in depth. In some cases it will work on even deeper drums. A unique integrated back rail accommodates a wide variety of hole patterns. Adaptable hole spacing from can range from 0.750” [19mm] – 1.5” [38mm], which makes mounting easy. While it will not accommodate every snare perfectly, but it will augment the options available in the DW ecosystem.

  • All-Metal Construction
  • Magnetic Lift Handle
  • Knurled Drum key Tension Adjustment
  • Universal Rail Fits Most Hole Patterns
  • Compact Design

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