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British Drum Company 14x6.5 Big Softy Snare Drum (Floor Model)

Handcrafted using cherry inner and outer veneers, Big Softy’s 14” x 6.5” shell encircles a central core of kiln-dried Ochroma. This surprisingly light, open-density hardwood possesses a micro-pore grain structure which actively filters out higher frequencies, giving you a massive range of tonal possibilities. Big Softy is designed to enable higher batter head tension for a truly responsive rebound and still achieve bigger, warmer and funkier sounds without the need to detune.

 - 14” x 6.5” 9 ply Ochroma and Cherry shell

 - Remo USA heads

 - 2.3 mm triple flange hoops

 - Round-over bearing edges

 - Palladium lugs

 - Big Softy logo badge 

 - Palladium Mk1 strainer

 - Brass snare wires

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